11 March 2017

Last week we visted International dog show in Drzonków (Poland)

Our representative had performed like that:

ARAGORN from Ciriland Union
owners: Karolina Garbowska & Katarzyna Wesołowska (PL); kennel: Czar Olbrzyma
in junior class: III excellent

HAIFA Czar Olbrzyma
owner: Katarzyna Wesołowska (PL); kennel: Czar Olbrzyma
in minor puppy class: I very promissing, Best Minor Puppy !

photo: Wiola Pietrzak ********* photo: Marta Tomczykowska

ESTRELLA Czar Olbrzyma
owner: Aneta Kołodziejczyk (PL); kennel: Atheneum Alter Idem
in open class: II excellent

Congratulations to owners !

MY DOGS: By the occasion I updated the Gallery of Aragorn photos and Gallery of Haifa photos . I invite you to watch :)

3 March 2017

Last Sunday new course of dogs kindergarten has started in JB dog's school in Łódź. There has been a family meeting :) of puppies from "H" and "I" litters.

I invite you to watch photos from this event in Gallery -
Dogs kindergarten of siblings "H" and "I" :)

... by the occasion I activated another subpages of puppies :

*** IGTHORN Czar Olbrzyma
*** HELIOS Czar Olbrzyma
*** HERMIONA Czar Olbrzyma


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