In memoriam

NORDIC iz Staira
20.07.2015 - 24.08.2018
"Nordi¶, Borbik, Biały Wyjec, White Walker, Chewbacca ...
you were able to arouse liking and smile in everyone... blue eyes and white coat made you most magical dane I have ever had... We were battling your sickness shoulder to shoulder ... and You, my sweetheart, always will be my bravest warrior [']

12.08.2008 - 10.08.2016
"Uzi, Zazi, Zazol, Pandzior ...
day by day passes and I still try to cheat my self...
that You were, are and will be for ever ['].... Sickness has defeated us
but I still feel your presence by my self and wish it always be that way
... you were, are and will be always my biggest dog love

VERTIGO di Stella Ardens
9.10.2011 - 12.06.2016
"Vert, Vertol, Verti¶ ...
you were my first dog from abroad...
travel for you was full of adventures and troubles, as all our life with you
...our last moments together will always be biggest nightmare in my life...

CINTRA Czar Olbrzyma
18.11.2012 - 6.05.2016
"Cintra, Cintrusia, Cintrula, Muminek, Windra ...
you were my dream patched girl... but cruel fate mocked me... on the one hand
you appeared so fast with my first Czar Olbrzyma litter...
on the other, you left me so sudden in young age, my hart still bleeds after this parting...

2004(?) - 23.03.2016
"We can not cheat the flow of time....
... but no one can take from us, huge amount of our shared memories... my Opka [']

5.12.2010 - 15.02.2016
"Panna, Dila, Dilusia, Dzidzia ...
quicksilver, spark with shine in eyes, flying over meadows... I hope you are somewhere over there, where you can run with the wind in ears... and when my time will come,
you will run to me looking the same I remembered you...

13.05.2006 - 18.07.2014
"Tofi¶, Tofik, Torfeusz, Toff ...
from you all started: dog shows, this website, passion for cynology ...
I believe that one day we will meet again...

THEO Moloseum
30.08.2010 - 4.02.2014
"Czart, Czarcioch, Czarcioszek, Theodor, Theo¶ ...
I will never meet dog with such a character. ...
You gone away suddenly and left great emptiness after you ... :(

vel Gucio

5.02.2010 - 28.06.2010
"We will never be able to forget tapping of small feet, soft fur and constant waving tale ..."


23.03.1997 - 8.03.2005
"Yellow honey, you gave us 8 years of joy..."