Every dog, male or female registered in Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) who at least once in show season attended dog show organized by Polish Kennel Club or dog show organized in other country under patronage of FCI (International Kennel Federation) and obtained excellent qualification (for puppy class very promissing qualification), could take part in 2008 rank. Of course obtained places and titles were additionally graded what was shown in this chart. The ranking was made separately for males and females with classification for three colour groups: black and harlequin, fawn and brindle and only blue. In given sex and colour there was also classification for age groups: puppies (without grades from baby class), junior class, adults (qualifications from intermediate, open and champion class) and veterans. If dog in given season (in this case 2008 season) obtained qualifications from different age groups it could take part simultaneously in rankings for different groups. However only 10 obtained results (Judge's report sheets) could be registered for each age group.


BIS - Great Dane Club Show - additional 50 points
Winner of Poland title - additional 20 points


Results were published in first for 2009 issue of Great Dane Club bulletin and are presented on the web page of Club. Winners were shown at Polish Great Dane Club web page and were awarded with diplomas and small gifts during 2009 Great Dane Club Show in Poland.


FULL LIST OF RESULTS - Great Dane Show Ranking 2008
BLACK AND HARLEQUIN - 22 applications
1. ALAIN DELON Frankidogi(1) - 24p owner Halina Rosa-Hermanson
1. UGO da Casa do Torrao(6) - 230p owner Olimpia W¶cisło
2. ALAIN DELON Frankidogi(6) - 218p owner Halina Rosa-Hermanson
1. MANTEUFEL Saxifraga(10) - 738p owner Katarzyna Wesołowska
2. DAMARIO Moloseum(10) - 679p owner Halina Rosa-Hermanson
3. AGLAUROS AGELAOS Atheneum(9) - 527p owner Aneta Kołodziejczyk
1. AKIRA ACRA Serenczas(3) - 88p owner Małgorzata Setcka, Aneta Kołodziejczyk
2. MICHELLE MA BELLE Balao(2) - 82p owner Anna Pyziak, Magdalena ¦lusarczyk
1. PANDEMONIUM Arhus(5) - 256p owner Alicja Mech
2. BAYRA Obrowska Tradycja(10) - 244p owner Hanna Faluta
3. PISANKA Arhus(7) - 241p owner Alicja Mech
4. IMAGINATION La Componella(7) - 223p owner Kozica Marta
5. MICHELLE MA BELLE Balao(5) - 178p owner Anna Pyziak, Magdalena ¦lusarczyk
6. AKIRA ACRA Serenczas(6) - 144p owner Małgorzata Setcka, Aneta Kołodziejczyk
7. BASHIRA BASHRA Atheneum(6) - 112p owner Małgorzata Setcka, Aneta Kołodziejczyk
1. NIEGRZECZNA ZUZANNA Magiczne Koło(5) - 440p owner Halina Rosa-Hermanson
2. NIKE Magiczne Koło(10) - 397p owner Olimpia W¶cisło
3. BERENICA BIXENTA Atheneum(7) - 349p owner Aneta Kołodziejczyk
4. PISANKA Arhus(6) - 320p owner Alicja Mech
5. BASHIRA BASHRA Atheneum(7) - 185p owner Małgorzata Setcka, Aneta Kołodziejczyk
6. BAYRA Obrowska Tradycja(6) - 149p owner Hanna Faluta
7. PANDEMONIUM Arhus(6) - 107p owner Alicja Mech

BLUE - 12 applications
1. TOGO z Błękitnych Wydm(10) - 276p owner Agnieszka Gregowska
2. TAURUS z Błękitnych Wydm(10) - 275p owner Gabriela Dyla
1. RUMUREK z Błękitnych Wydm(10) - 856p owner Anna Kurz, Piotr Adamek
2. FIGARO Modry Efekt(9) - 724p owner Natalia Najda
3. RODZYNEK z Błękitnych Wydm(7) - 334p owner Luiza Krongauz
4. TAURUS z Błękitnych Wydm(2) - 76p owner Gabriela Dyla
5. TOGO z Błękitnych Wydm(2) - 72p owner Agnieszka Gregowska
1. GIUDITTA Modry Efekt(4) - 124p owner Aleksandra Kanar
1. ESPAGNOLA Modry Efekt(10) - 724p owner Agnieszka Sowa-Halicka
2. AISZA Rudimentum(10) - 377p owner Mirosław Nowaczewski
3. GIUDITTA Modry Efekt(6) - 190p owner Aleksandra Kanar
1. JASMIN Medium(5) - 581p owner Anna Pyziak

FAWN AND BRINDLE - 18 applications
1. TIGER - C FOR ANA Jag- Sza(2) - 66p owner Anna Dunaj-Ewiak
2. TAURUS - C Jag- Sza(1) - 24p owner Wioletta Wilisz
1. LEIT MOTIV de Ayalga(5) - 383p owner Olimpia W¶cisło
2. CAYMAN des Terres de la Rairie(7) - 275p owner Jadwiga Szłapka
1. OLINEK Czarnoksiężnik z Archipelagu(10) - 716p owner Jacek Wieczorek
2. LEIT MOTIV de Ayalga(10) - 641p owner Olimpia W¶cisło
3. BUGATI des Terres de la Rairie(9) - 545p owner Jadwiga Szłapka
4. BAMBINO Giga La Gothica(8) - 493p owner Iwona Sada
1. FASHION Saria(6) - 254p owner Błaszkowska Katarzyna, Dominika Gacek
2. CARMEN Giga La Gothica(4) - 242p owner Dominika Gacek
3. TIFANNI Axedius(10) - 236p owner Lucyna Mleczak, Dorota Pawłowska-Türk
4. FRANCESCA z Marcyporęby(6) - 176p owner Karol Krzeszowski
1. EULALIA z Marcyporęby(10) - 848p owner Izabela Grabowska
2. LENA z Bugałowa(10) - 704p owner Iwona Grodziecka
3. OPERA Czarnoksiężnik z Archipelagu(10) - 651p owner Olimpia W¶cisło
4. ARABESKA AL ROSSA Persimo(10) - 587p owner Monika Kowalczyk
5. FRANCESCA z Marcyporęby(7) - 281p owner Karol Krzeszowski
6. TIFANNI Axedius(6) - 229p owner Lucyna Mleczak, Dorota Pawłowska-Türk

(..) - numbers in braces stand for the amount of results from dog shows which were counted for score of given dog