Polish Great Dane Derby

Polish Great Dane Derby 2009 is a competition which aim is to select the mostly prized Dane, in this show season in Poland, was shown on any dog show organized by Polish Kennel Union and obtained an excellent grade (in case of baby and puppy class very promising grade). Dog must be registered in Polish Kennel Union.

*** This competition takes place during one show season. Show season lasts from 1 January up to 31 December.

*** Results are presented up to date on web page and updated after every weekend. Because of that owner sends his dogs results up to date. Copy of judge reports confirming the results must be send up to 31.12.2009. If not results will not be accepted in general score.

*** *** Only 10 results count for general score. If more are send worse results are replaced by better.

*** Grading scale is presented by the chart.


authors of chart: Alicja Mech, Sylwia Matulewska, Klaudia Kar³owicz

*** The ranking was made separately for males and females with classification for four age groups: puppies (grades from baby and puppy class), junior class, adults (grades from intermediate, open and champion class) and veterans. If dog in given season obtained qualifications from different age groups it could take part simultaneously in rankings for different groups. Depending on number of participants there will be additional color categories in junior and adult groups. If number excides 30 there will be 3 groups black/harlequin, fawn/brindle, blue. If number excides 90 there will be 5 groups.

*** Male and female who obtain highest number of points in given group will be granted with titles: Polish Great Dane Derby Best Puppy, Polish Great Dane Derby Junior Winner, Polish Great Dane Derby Winner, Polish Great Dane Derby Veteran Winner, of given show season. Winners will be presented on the web page during first January week and will get Diplomas and Rosettes. All competition participants will get memorable show gadgets.