Currently, we don't have puppies for sale

But in Russia, puppies from dogs from our kennel are available:

in kennel iz Tsarskoselskoy Usadby, from our DUNCAN Czar Olbrzyma
HERE - More information about them
in kennel from Ciriland Union, from our CIRILLA Czar Olbrzyma
HERE - More information about them ******

I have plans to litters at autumn/winter 2016.


My kennel exist since 2012, but I am bonded with Danes from a long time. At the beggining only stud males lived with me. My dogs won a lot of prestige titles on Shows. Nowdays I have resident females. Puppies from my litters also lived abroad in: Russia, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia. If you are interested in puppies from my kennel I invite you to contact with me.

Katarzyna Wesołowska - POLAND
mobil.: +48 694 443 524;


Average prices of puppies in our kennel:
harlequins: 1500-2000 euro, black/mantle: 1000-1500 euro;
merle/platten: 800-900 euro
(Prices do not include cost of transport !)


Litter "G" Czar Olbrzyma kennel 12.04.2015
Litter "F" Czar Olbrzyma kennel 31.12.2014
Litter "E" Czar Olbrzyma kennel 20.12.2014
Litter "D" Czar Olbrzyma kennel 6.12.2013
Litter "C" Czar Olbrzyma kennel 18.11.2012